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"Working with Daniel has helped me to focus on my goals, guiding them into manifestation. Not only has he helped me to make concrete what I want, but he has also helped me to Believe and Feel my potential within - to bring it out, for the world to also experience! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Daniel. Goal in mind - bring it down - manifest!"


"Dear Daniel, I am not sure how I can thank you. It’s all up to me. Only I can change my life by taking full responsibility but it is ok to ask for help and support. Your work is just Wow!!  You can really feel that you are present wholeheartedly! Thank you"
- Nina S.

"Privat-Coaching was outstanding. What a great experience to be motivated and supported in this kinda way. To self-reflect and to take inspired action upon the ideas I have.
I am more motivated than ever. Soon you will see great things from me.
Daniel, a thousend Thanks for this unbelievalbe gift!"
- Peter M.

"The Sessions with you, Daniel helped me so much. They have opened my eyes, to be open, happy and fullfilled in life right now.

I want to thank you for your time, energy and your support." 
- K. Schnabel

"It can be so simple! Daniel knows exactly what questions to ask. He gently guides you to your own resoursces and answers which are waiting within you to be awakend. With his calmness, presence and a huge portion of enthusiasm I got more clarity. With some "magic" Daniel helps to burst old patterns and to create and install new posive ones. It is a sensational feeling to go home with clarity, free spirit, energy and a sense of knowing what purpose you have." 
Merci Daniel ☺
- Petra H.

"To handle the loss of a loved person three years ago was very hard for me and took a lot of energy. With Daniel I have had trust from the beginning and I could allow myself to let go completely. 
I just can say, it was the best desicion to go for that coaching. I finally was able to let go. I have learned what it even means to let go. In addition it has opened my eyes in many ways in my life. Now life feels even more enjoyable!
A big thank you Daniel!"
- Diana W.

"Daniel gave me tools, which I am able to use now anytime and everywhere. This is priceless for me!
If you are open and you really want to change something, with Daniel's help it almost happens by itself.
Try it, be amazed and explore where the path is leading!"
- Jasmin F.

"It was hard for me to imagine what power and influence our subconscious mind has. Therefore I was a bit sceptical towards hypnosis. The experience after the session was incredible. I practice weekly this powerful state of hypnosis. Be it to relax deeply or to focus or to have a clear mind. I can only recommend it."
- Marc S.

"Mein Umfeld wie auch ich sind sehr stolz darauf, dass ich seit der Hypnose bei Dir keine Zigarette mehr angefasst habe. Ich erfreue mich nicht mehr in die stinkigen Smokerlounges an den Flughäfen begehen zu müssen und hab auf einmal viel mehr Zeit für andere Tätigkeiten. War mir nicht bewusst, wieviel Zeit man mit Rauchen verbringt.
Ich bin fest entschlossen, keine einzige Zigaretten mehr anzufassen und möchte mich nochmals von Herzen für Deine tolle Unterstützung bedanken!"

- Franco C.


men's work feedback

Dario Cucci Serve & Sell Master Coach, Trainer und Berater www.on-call-business.ch
"Through the professional leading of Daniel as well as the great group, it was an amazing experience. The different exercises for self-growth were challenging but extremely empowering. This art of personal development and gathering together as men is brilliant and is missing in this day and age. A safe place where you as a man can talk and share openly about your feelings, goals, dreams and desires.
Daniel was leading with his knowledge and his experience. As a result of traininig your mind and also your body and integrating these two, limitations which are holding you back can be unleashed. New positive resources and qualities will become your new habits.
I can encourage every man who is open and ready to work on himself and therefore live an even better life."

Dario Cucci Serve & Sell Master Coach, Trainer und Berater

"I've enjoyed the men's work„Path of a Warrior Practice“ with Daniel. I can recommend the training to all brave men and to all those who want to become it. This program is about to discover all of your facets as a men and to find your place in the world.

The deep conversation in the group, the empowering exercises and the self-reflection supports you to get to know you even better. Therefore you can focus fully on your personal dreams and deepen the relationships to other people. The unique combination with "Movement Training" is fun and shows you that we have to integrate body & mind to grow holistically as a person."

- Marco Lier

"This work with a group of men is a perfect opportunity to get to know yourself better. Your good sides but also your shadow sides.
With this space Daniel has created, trust can arise, so that everything is ok, that exists within me. The exercises on my topics helped me to integrate what I want to create and to regain clear focus. I loved the topic about death. Therefore I am more aware and mindful during my day. Honest feedbacks from the men helped me to realize that I am holding back my gift I have for the world.
Today the world needs men who have access to their emotions and fiercely express them. Women and children need men who know what they want and stand up for themselves. And also who are able to stay centered even in challenging situations."
- Flurin Laubi, Entrepreneur, Workshop-leader, Liefecoach, Self-Developer, Theta Healer and Mover.