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The Path of a Warrior

What is a warrior? A warrior is a way of life, a way of thinking, a way of being. Carlos Castaneda says: „We choose only once, to be warriors or ordinary.“
Do you want to be ordinary or create a purpose-driven life?

Do you believe there has to be more in life than what you currently experience? Are you afraid of not being good enough? Are you frustrated not living life on your terms? Do you often blame others or your past for where you are right now and why you can’t change?

Many of us haven’t learned that there is another way to play this game called life.

I have created this practice for men who want to step into their greatness. For those bold men who want more from life. For the men who want to live fully with an open heart.


Here is why you shouldbe a part of this practice:
You want to…

+ Strengthen your Masculine Warrior Energy.
+ Be able to express yourself in a powerful and authentic way.
+ Discover and embody your life’s deepest purpose.
+ Experience more presence in your life.
+ Become a powerful man women adore.
+ Create a strong and agile body.
+ Become healthy and claim unlimited power.
+ Experience a brotherhood with other great men.
+ Break through limitations and improve the quality of your life.
+ Feel empowered and supported.

This is how:
Through regular meetings, group coaching and exercises, you will become aware of your disempowering routines and create new empowering beliefs and habits.
We won’t believe your old stories about why you can’t. We will help you to claim self-empowerment.

Here is what I am offering:
A group setting where we will meet 2x per week to work on your body and mind.
This includes 6x movement practice and 2x group coaching sessions per month.
Additionally, you will get one 1:1 Coaching.

For the warrior, the body is as important as the mind, because the two are inseparable.                   
To become the peaceful warrior, we will sharpen and strengthen your physically, mentally and spiritually.
You will surpass your own limitations and grow powerfully as a man.
„Iron sharpens Iron“.

This is going to be badass!
Holding each other accountable, we will set high expectations and reach them through support. As we grow stronger, we also gain flexibility and resilience, opening up more mentally, physically and spiritually as men.

The methods I use vary from ancient sacred techniques to state-of-the-art neuroscience.
I bring the ability to create and hold a space powerfully, teaching others through my own techniques. I bring openness, love and my expertise in transformation.

Are you bold enough to take the next step?

About Daniel:
Daniel is a life-coach, mentor, workshop leader, speaker, and co-founder of D&R Performance. He is trained in Hypnosis, NLP, a student of „the Ido Portal Method“, a Shamanic and Wicca practitioner, and part of an Embodied Men's Leadership Training run by John Wineland.

You are the right fit if you are:

  • ready to get out of your comfort zone.
  • willing to transform yourself powerfully.
  • creating time in your schedule to meet up.
  • eager to play full-out and be vulnerable.
  • ok to fail.

Excited to embody the warrior within you and extend to the world, so you can live a life on your terms?


Later Event: September 16
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