Slow down to speed up

Take a deep breath… and slow down. I know I know, your mind is coming up with a lot of resistance why you can't do this right now, right?
Your mind might say, I don’t have time, I have to finish this project, I need to do this and that and go there…and do that…

Sounds familiar? It does for me for sure.
A few years a go I stumbled over a sentence that I didn’t forget anymore:

Slow down, to speed up.

And my mind was all over the place fighting to slow down. Fighting to realize what I am running away from. Fighting to realize what I am suppressing. Fighting to realize where I am distracting myself from.

Recently after an Ayahuasca Ceremony I finally got it what it means to „slow down.“ And still at times I don’t get it. :)

Slowing down, really? Thats so hard to get for our mind. We have to work through our to do lists, and we have so many duties anyway? For what? Where do you want to go? What are you searching for? What are you trying to hide or distract yourself from?

This might be hard for you, but there is nothing to search for.
There is nowhere to go!

Slow Down. Now is all we have. Now is the moment to feel alive. Now is the time to feel! Now is the time to listen, to look, to smell, to taste.

I find myself again and again in this illusion of going somewhere. To finish something. Though more and more I get that all that matters is now. It is about the process, about the journey of life. It is about how aware we are from moment to moment. That’s all we have anyway. Everything else is a construct of our mind which might enslave us. And the funny thing, the more I slow down the more things I get done. And I also know that I will fall back again and again to this illsion of running after something. Or when I have xy then I will feel yz... But the moment I become aware... I am home.

Imagine death knocks on your door. Knock knock.  Your body is death and your spirit starts to leave your body. ( And yes we can not run away or ignore death not even you. We won’t survive this, so play along) Look back at your life! Do you think you will think about all your achievements? Or what you have to accomplish, or about the to do lists you have not finished yet. NO!! You will remember moments that you were aware, moments you were alive. You will remember little things like:

The way you have looked at your loved one and how she/he looked at you. The moment you were still and listend to the birds. Moments like when you watched some cats play or how juicy an apple tastes. What will you remember?

You will realize that you have already everything, you might just not be aware of it.


You will remember the moments you have lived consciously and not the ones you were functioning on autopilot and running after something because you have felt empty inside.

And yes I write this to myself as a reminder that it is in the moment that we live fully!
How can you open up even more right now? how can you love even more? How can you be more awake?

What would you say or do with your loved ones if you knew it would be the last thing you can do. How would you behave if you would be stuck in traffic and thats the last thing you will experience? Would you open up to the moment that is all you have? Or would you close and be angry and wander with your thoughts?

When was the last time you have really used your 5 senses consciously?
When was the last time you have really listened? I mean really listened!

I invite you to really listen now! Can you listen even more? Let go of everything and listen! Do you hear the sound of stillness? The sound between the noise? The sound between a thought?

I invite you to really look? To open and look. Look for something you have never seen before!
I invite you to really feel. To open and feel. Feel this very moment. Feel your thoughts. Feel your closeness or your openness!
I invite you to really smell. What do you smell? What do you taste?

I want to acknowledge you for reading this and for living life now. Life is so precious and we waste it if we don’t enjoy moment by moment.

Let me know how slowing down is impacting your life!

I am grateful for writing this.
I love you
Thank you